Tracking your airport's image and brand amongst current and potential passengers is important to preserve and further grow your airport's customer base.

Why - Understand brand perception to ensure passengers growth

Monitoring brand perception on an ongoing basis enables airports to gain a deep understanding of their brand image. Airports must be more targeted than ever in an overcrowded market and information is the key. Sentiments, likes, dislikes and demographics – this information enables airports to quickly act on any developments that may occur. Brand tracking can help attract, acquire and retain passengers when used strategically.

With Epinion’s brand tracking solutions that are customized to airport brands, insights are turned into business value by identifying future growth potentials through effective targeted marketing campaigns. Future growth is driven by turning knowledge about airport brands into targeted brand and marketing campaigns.

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What - We build ongoing online factual KPIs on funnel & sentiment

With Epinion’s KPI scorecard airports can always keep track of the most important developments around their brand. Gain a better understanding on your airport's brand funnel and monitor satisfaction, image and sentiments for effective decision-making.

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How - We build broad insights from both current & potential target groups

Epinion’s insights derive from a comprehensive portfolio of data collection methods. We use on-airport surveys to track airports' current passengers’ brand perception and off-airport online surveys to gain information on potential passengers. We complement these insights with selected social media KPI’s including sentiment and benchmarks with other airports.

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Where - We have delivered brand tracking solutions for many airports

Contact our colleagues in Epinion's Aviation team ( to get to know more or join some of our existing aviation clients in tracking your aviation brand.

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