Interviewing samples face to face has, over the years, become increasingly difficult and expensive.  airport samples and airport market research provide a good solution to these problems, as large numbers of people, many being difficult to reach target groups, are available in one location with time to spare to be interviewed.

Airports are gateways to the world and provide a unique opportunity to market researchers to carry out creative and insightful research. In particularly they provide access to difficult to reach international sample groups.

Download Epinion's free E-Brochure and learn more about the value of conducting market research at airports using Epinion's Global Interviewing Service.

Global Interviewing Service

Here are just some of the ways in which Epinion airport research services can support you:

  • Measure how well known your brand or company is across the globe
  • Explore how likely customers are to consider your products or services
  • Determine what would make customers more loyal
  • Measure how you rank amongst your competitors

Consumer Insights that help increase sales. 

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- By Jesper Wilhelmsen



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