While it is often tempting for the organization to gain timely and value-adding insights by jumping straight into data, data sources or survey design, it is strongly recommended to begin the process from a business issue perspective.


94 % of US companies are leveraging data and data quality in an attempt to optimize their customer or prospect experience"*

Gain control of your own business insights

The overall process towards a fully operational Integrated Insights Platform

This perspective will tend to vary from sector to sector, whether commercial, public services or issues related to the political arena. This also applies to decisions, the type of reporting required, the insights modules needed, the suitable data-staging methodology, as well as design and sources of the required data.

Enable and empower: the idea behind The Integrated Insigths Platform

From a holistic point of departure, it could very well be a good idea to define the relevant business issues with the entire series of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are critical to run a specific business.


Agile with focus on value-adding throughout the entire process

An agile process approach ensures that developing and implementing the Integrated Insights Platform does not turn into a traditional business intelligence project with implementation stretching over months or even years. 



The value of real-time reporting and predictive analytics 

The focus is on short-term value-added and value-adding sub-deliverables as the process progresses.

The agile process comprises four main phases. Over the course of the process leading towards the Integrated Insights Platform, and as continuing tangible output commencing already in the initial “prepare” phase, it is paramount for the organization to ensure independently value-adding deliverables.

4 steps to full business insights implementation

Besides achieving the Integrated Insights Platform, the agile process culminating in the final installation offers the following four tangible deliverables, all of which are successively vital for an efficient and seamless course of action, as well as a value-adding platform:

  • Deliverable 1: Performance hierachy map including user and process map
  • Deliverable 2: Data map
  • Deliverable 3: Business insights strategy, Architecture and Roadmap
  • Deliverable 4:Technical Insigths Platform

*(Source: "The data quality benchmark report", Experian data quality, January 2015)

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- By Jesper Wilhelmsen

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