It used to be so easy. Nobody had the data nor the knowledge to go beyond demographic segments. Customers never expected more than just functional product needs fulfilled. And you would talk to them in one channel – and maybe trade with them in another. No more. Welcome to the age of the data driven omnichannel experience economy. If you do not have a unique story around a unique experience supporting a unique offering to a unique customer segment you are dead – you just don’t know it yet. On the other hand, this allows you to identify, conquer and cruise uncontested your blue ocean.


Why - Segment & target customers to position yourself for optimal growth

Segmentation at the strategic level has not changed much. You need to cut the market into stable segments in a way that allows you to target a specific slice in a way that none else can. But the segments are much richer with social, behavioural and transactional data across the entire passenger journey, allowing the targeting of the most financially attractive and best fitted segments to your unique situation. One of the things that often surprise clients is the huge difference between the size and the value of the different segments – it makes prioritization of segments so much easier.


What - We deliver advanced & actionable segmentation & personas

Epinion’s segmentation approach allows airports to identify and benchmark unique airport personas to take advantage of the insights from dozens of other large airports and easily target underperforming segments at the right time in the passenger journey. One of the purposes at the tactical level here is to build a concrete product and go-to-market strategy, while the operational level allows recognition of individuals from segments in stores, online and in media – the balance between the strategic, tactical and operational level is maybe the most critical in any segmentation.


How - We build customized, benchmarked & operational segmentations

Epinion’s approach is typically based on a fully customized model to allow for true insights and surprising angles on the market – this is where the truly disruptive customer experiences are built. However, specifically for airports we offer another model together with our partner M1ndset with airport benchmark data, given that airports’ competitive situation often involves a captive audience that have similar needs and can be approached in similar ways. Regardless of the approach segmentations normally either deliver on strategic definition requirements to drive the overall business or the needs of the frontline to identify and target individual customers – we deliver both. 

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Where - We have delivered segmentation studies for many airports

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