In the field of aviation and route development, it is essential for airports to understand their market and catchment areas in order to win in the competition for new routes. To develop new routes, it requires airport decision makers to engage with airline decision makers by providing them credible analysis to prove there is a profitable opportunity to launch a new route.

Why – Quickly estimate market size for potential route

An in depth understanding and detailed mapping of passengers’ profiles and travel behavior enables airports to better target the right airlines. Being able to obtain data, performing market- and data analytics with passenger tracking surveys gives airports access to get detailed insights on how specific passenger profiles value specific routes.

With Epinion’s Route Development study, strong insights on passenger profiles and credible analysis can be obtained to engage airline decision makers more and prove that there is a profitable opportunity to launch a specific route at the given airport - which at the end is base for future passenger and cargo revenues.

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What – We deliver clear business insights on routes, airlines & passengers

With Epinion’s Aviation team’s experience with route development surveys and data analytics, airports can get valuable insights into which routes to target and why to pitch for airline decision makers.

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How – We combine unique insights and the best business practices across airports

We provide custom designed passenger data collection across destinations focused on airports with large business potential such as hubs. Furthermore, we provide efficient personal interviews with passengers departing from the airport to map passenger profile, travel pattern and potential.

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Where – We deliver insights that supports the route development teams for many airports

Contact our colleagues in Epinion's Aviation team ( to get to know more or join some of our existing aviation clients to win in the competition for new routes..

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