Travelling is an experience that is highly influenced by feelings: a sense of stress when thinking whether or not the plane departs on time; irritation caused by fellow passengers; or maybe a sense of joy when experiencing a particularly helpful staff member or a smooth boarding procedure.

The functional aspects of the journey are only the tip of the iceberg. The customer experience is based on emotions, and here music is a great driver to make your customers happier and spending more.

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Music is a universal language

It generates associactions and enhances feelings. Used correctly it has a strong positive impact on the passenger experience and spend per head.
But it is not as simple as just turning on the radio or use a generic playlist as found on the many streaming services. There are many factors to consider before implementing a strategy that includes adding audio to your customers’ experience.

If not implemented correctly, music and sounds will have a strong negative effect, but a successful implementation will increase the general satisfaction and spend per head in all areas of the customer journey.

Epinion can help you identify the potential of working with your soundscape strategically as well as operational, measure the effect, define KPI’s and assist with the implementation - managing the project to make sure you get the most value out of your soundscape investment.


- By Jesper Wilhelmsen

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