Back in the days campaigns were distributed across ad platforms without much evidence in terms of the value one could expect. Airports with all their passengers including a high share of passengers on C-level were earlier benefiting from this. The focus has now changed with the advertising industry highly focusing on ROI.

Many airports are today experiencing far more difficulties in selling the spots for advertising at the same prices than earlier and are often met with a demand for documentation of the advertising effect in the airport compared to alternative platforms to place the marketing budget.

Airports are turning to their existing market research programs to retrieve what they can of passenger profiles and flow numbers etc. All in all, there is typically some data to support the sale of advertising in the airport, as it supports the picture of the airport being a place with many passengers, including a high share of passengers on C-level. But still airports are not answering the key question: “Which value does advertising at the airport have, compared to all the other platforms the advertising buyers can choose from?”

Many airports are left in the darkness to answer the following questions:

  • What is the value of the airport as a platform for advertising for current and potential clients compared to other platforms?
  • What is the awareness, engagement and value across ad categories, industry, products, media, locations, time of day?
  • What are the various passengers’ profiles, their reactions and their awareness?
  • What is the airport platform’s effect (awareness), creative effect (Liking) & behavioral effect (preference, choice, recommendation)? 

Having answers to these questions is essential for airports to win in the competition of gaining the largest share possible of the advertising buyers campaign budgets and further price each campaign correctly on an individual basis.

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The Airport Media Effect Database changes the game for Airports

By combining Epinion’s airport knowledge with our partner’s Media Effect Database to create an all-in-one marketing intelligence platform, airports can clearly see how marketing drives short- and long-term sales.

The Airport Media Effect Database delivers benchmarks based on more than 6.000 other campaigns tested on the same key diagnostics allowing exact measurement on:

  • The position of the airport as a platform compared to other ad platforms to justify the airport’s rightful place in the media mix and how the airport drives long term brand KPI’s.
  • Clear performance insights for advertising at the airport identifying engagement, behavioral effect, performance etc. across a range of parameters.
  • Evaluation and clear guidelines on what elements campaigns at the airport must have to contribute best possible in the short term and long term to brand advertising.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and benchmark of ROI.

The power of this approach cannot be underestimated in marketing’s quest to fully answer the classic question: “Half of my marketing delivers value, but which half?”.

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