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January 03, 2019

Wow – another year just flew by! And that means it is that time – the time where you can brag about all the awesome stuff, you were a part of. And even better brag about the stuff you may be doing in the new year!

First and foremost, we managed to extend our contracts with all clients up for review – Singapore Changi, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Keflavik and not least London Heathrow – we are so proud of our longstanding relations with all these fantastic airports!

We also managed to grow our business with more than 15% - not bad for a mature business – and all thanks to our wonderful team. A team that also went through a substantial upgrade with Line with +15 years market research experience from the global majors, Alice with 5 years of experience from both airline and market research as well as Julie coming from market research in Lego – we could not be happier with our team and their outstanding results!

Aviation end of year 3___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Finally, we build a super exciting product portfolio with several new items: Marketing ROI is an awesome approach to really understand the value of airport marketing and thus be better at serving and assisting media companies. Data source mapping is our proprietary process for building the ultimate business intelligence setup. Advanced Analytics is not new; however, we have gone even further with predictive modelling this year. All of them conducted for several airport clients – all of them creating direct business value, but we will this time spare you the nerdy details behind it…!


Aviation end of year.png 2


Now where next? We will continue to serve our existing clients in Europe and Asia solving more and more complex business problems through fact-based analysis and technological solutions, but we will probably also add one or two renowned airports to our fantastic client team in the coming year – which is the optimal way to grow without stretching our resources to far and thus still delivering a perfect customer experience to all. If you feel you want to be part of our exclusive business or client team, do not hesitate to contact us.


Contact Epinion’s aviation experts today (BRKR@epinionglobal.com) to discuss your needs further and learn more about our service portfolio or read more about our aviation solutions at www.epinionglobal.com

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