One key factor in running a competitive and successful airport is the provision of popular and profitable flight routes. However, despite an annual increase in the number of people flying, airlines are still cautious when it comes to opening new routes as budgets are tightened to combat difficult market conditions.

As a result, most airports now have to work exceptionally hard to convince airlines that they should be flying to and from their airport, a scenario that was almost the reverse just 20 years ago.

Airports must present airlines with a business cases that covers all bases, pushing your already over-worked route development team even harder.

So if your route development team doesn’t know the basic personal details and the trip purpose of your passengers as an absolute minimum – they will struggle when it comes to creating a business case for a new route.

But to create a compelling business case, one that will see a sharp increase in the quality and quantity of airline bids needs far more insight that this, your route development team needs intelligent data. 

Kristian Budolfsen, Epinion’s Development Director says: “Currently, of the airports that do look at data to back up new route proposals, few look at the bigger picture. Passenger information is easily available from MIDT data, but this will only tell you where people who bought a flight from an agency are flying from and flying to - nothing else.

Action_Standard_Aviation_Apr15_01-Front_page“Intelligent data tells you who is flying with you, the purpose of their journey and where they will be heading after they land. If you have 1,000 people travelling from Oslo to London, but a vast proportion actually are visiting a tourist spot in Manchester, you have good business case for opening up a route from Oslo to Manchester. 

“But this still isn’t enough; even if you have the right information at hand, the way that you present your data can make the difference between a deal or rejection. 

“Picture this instead; your route development team pitches clients with a comprehensive research report which covers everything from the best plane to fly this route to the most profitable seating plan to in-flight meal suggestions.

“By using intelligent data your route development team can truly understand the route’s target persona and can present a compelling and effective business case, leading to an increase in interest and bids”



- By Jesper Wilhelmsen

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