Using film tourism to promote new destinations in Denmark

Within the tourism and experiences industry there has been a notable rise in the popularity of destinations and experiences after featuring in a television show or film.

This can be explained not only by the profile of a destination or experience being raised by the exposure, but also in the trend seen in today’s tourists of wanting more from their vacations and trips.   

Denmark itself has many famous attractions, but is also a popular setting for filming and in the Danish drama Dicte, a female crime reporter moves to work in the eastern city of Aarhus in Denmark.

The show follows her professional and personal life develop in the city, presenting Aarhus in a new way to those who currently know it, and for the first time to those who don’t.

Addressing the issues

Because of the Dicte’s particular success in Sweden, Film by Aarhus and the Central Denmark Tourism Foundation sought to capitalise on its popularity and use it as leverage to draw Swedish tourists into Aarhus.

In order to establish if this would be a successful marketing strategy the stakeholders needed deep insight into how the Swedish market interacts with Dicte.

The approach

We worked closely with the stakeholders to develop and execute a two-legged approach, which used the strength of both qualitative and quantitative methods to really gain a thorough understanding of how to best capitalise from film tourism.  

The quantitative aspect uncovered general knowledge surrounding Dicte and its image in Sweden including, but not limited to:

  • The awareness of Dicte in Sweden.
  • How many episodes viewers have seen.
  • If viewers link the series with Aarhus as a destination.
  • If the series inspires travel to Aarhus.

The qualitative aspect saw Swedish tourists visit Aarhus and take a tour of Dicte’s Aarhus. Five Swedish couples partook and the study focussed on:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Meals out
  • Information about Aarhus in relation to the TV series

Instead of undertaking traditional qualitative analysis in an office setting, we aimed to create a study that was as lifelike as possible by observing and interviewing the test subjects whilst in the midst of the experience.

This meant the results we presented to the stakeholders were as close to reality as possible. 


The results gave clear recommendations on how to optimise this approach.

Our setup made it possible to analyse this innovative way of thinking about attracting more tourists and uncover the potential of using a popular TV series as driver for attracting a specific segment of tourists.

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