Providing market knowledge and customer insight to Ruter, one of Scandinavia's largest public transport providers

Ruter is one of the largest providers of public transportation in Scandinavia, and coordinates city and regional buses, trams, tubes, trains and ferries in the Norwegian cities of Oslo and Akershus.  In 2013, Ruter facilitated 500 million trips with a company goal to reach a billion trips by 2020.

Ruter does not own any transport vehicles; the company works with various operators who provide public transport services. To verify that these operators meet the quality requirements specified in their contracts Ruter needed to understand if certain quality parameters were being reached.

Epinion worked with Ruter to perform daily monitoring of certain quality parameters for all types of public transportation including metro, tram, bus, train and boat.

Because the operators’ total financial compensation is based on the results of these surveys, the data must be of the highest possible reliability and quality.

The surveys are performed by Epinion´s highly skilled interviewers, who report online via tablets on various quality parameters related to the station, the trip itself and stops along the routes. These parameters are selected by Ruter and transferred to a registration form by Epinion.

The quality parameters include deviations in departure time, signage, vehicle cleaning, maintenance and removal of graffiti, advertising at the stopping areas and public information. The parameters are tailored to different stops, lines and operators, so there are several versions of the survey.

The data collected by Epinion provides Ruter with the latest knowledge about how their operators are performing  and how well quality standards are being met. They also give Ruter information on how satisfied the travelers are, and if there are problems, Ruter can react almost immediately to solve them.

Epinion can provide information to operators from the quality surveys within an hour, so the operators can respond to any issues themselves.

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