Providing Danish train operator, DSB, with key insights into the needs of specific consumer segments

DSB operates the majority of passenger trains in Denmark, handling 195 million journeys annually.  DSB’s goal is to offer simple and attractive solutions to customers, and is constantly seeking to gain greater knowledge about its passengers’ needs in order to improve customer satisfaction levels and optimise the general travel experience when travelling with DSB.


Epinion conducts extensive market segmentation for DSB that benefits the company in many areas, including product development, marketing and in their own understanding of their customers.

“The segmentation which we have performed in collaboration with Epinion provides us with the opportunity to create a common understanding of the needs and desires of both DSB´s customers and non-customers,” explains DSB Product Manager Lars Richard Rasmussen.


In close collaboration with DSB, Epinion developed a strategy for optimal mapping of the Danish population’s transport behaviour through a mixture of qualitative and quantative methods.

Firstly, Epinion conducted a large number of focus groups with current DSB customers and non-customers, followed by 10,000 interviews with a representative sample of the Danish population.

Not only does this allow us to obtain the greatest insight but it also offers other benefits, for example enabling us to design a questionnaire that matches DSB´s specific needs thanks to the knowledge on DSB´s customers we derive from the focus groups.


In addition to providing the results from these extensive studies, Epinion also developed a practical tool for DSB that makes it possible for them to use the collected data repeatedly. The knowledge DSB now has about Danish transport behaviour gives them key insights that help target their efforts in relation to optimising service for very specific customer groups.

“It is of great value for us that the customer segmentation is done thoroughly and professionally. By combining methods, we are able to create a segmentation which is based on both attitudes and needs. This means that the results are reliable and recognizable for people across the organization,” says Lars Richard Rasmussen, product manager DSB.

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