Increasing sales for SILVAN, Denmark’s leading DIY chain, by identifying triggers and barriers to purchase

With more than 40 DIY shops, SILVAN is the market leader of Denmark’s hardware sector thanks to its thorough understanding of its business, products and customer base.

For the last six years, Epinion has been the chosen partner of SILVAN, helping it optimise its understanding of, and communication with, its audience in order to increase in­store sales.

In order to maintain and improve its position, SILVAN invests in gaining the best understanding of how customers interact with their stores. They want to know how satisfied their customers are with their shopping experience, both as a standalone event and in comparison to shopping at other stores, as well as gaining understanding into how to optimise triggers to in store sales, while decreasing barriers.

To fully address SILVAN’s needs the Epinion team designed a customised two­part methodology which we execute twice a year.

The design first establishes how happy SILVAN customers are with their in store experience via an online CSI (customer satisfaction index) survey.

The analysis is based on five KPIs (staff, navigation, value, product and marketing) and we use shop data to correlate attitude and spend.

The second part of the study is a CVM (customer value management study), designed to benchmark SILVAN’s performance against other DIY shops, that assesses the same KPIs as the CSI but relating to SILVAN’s competitors.

Our shopper research studies have given SILVAN management valuable insight into key in­store barriers and triggers to purchase decisions, allowing them to make informed modifications to improve sales.

One of the biggest changes that has been made on the back of our research has been their investment in improving their workforce’s professional knowledge and approachability, after we found there was a high correlation between consumer contact with staff and high spend.

Simply by encouraging their staff to talk more to customers in­store, SILVAN saw an increase in sales. All our results are presented to SILVAN in biannual reports, which we follow up with a workshop where we make recommendations based on our findings – these are then used by top management in their business strategy planning.


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