Helping VisitDenmark attract new tourists through better targeted marketing

Among foreign tourists Denmark is the most popular holiday destination in the Nordic Region, pulling in more than 8.5 million tourists every year from all over the world.

In fact, maintaining a healthy tourism and experience industry is of vital importance to Denmark as it creates an annual turnover close to 91.9 bn. DKK (about 13.2bn USD) as well as 111,460 jobs.

It is the job of VisitDenmark to ensure that the number of visitors to Denmark doesn’t dwindle, so despite many tourists returning to Denmark year after year the organisation must continuously develop new offers and marketing strategies to attract even more tourists.

Addressing the issues

In order for VisitDenmark to ensure it achieves its goal of attracting tourists and enhancing their experience of Denmark it must have a thorough understanding of the current barriers, drivers and market trends within the area.

This knowledge allows VisitDenmark to gain a deeper understanding of how to market Denmark as a destination to new markets, as well as gaining insight into the fundamental needs of its current target audience in order to optimise its current marketing campaigns.

The approach

Epinion works closely with VisitDenmark to create and action online surveys in Denmark’s neighbouring countries in order to establish an understanding of how these foreign markets perceive Denmark as a travel destination.

The surveys are conducted in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland and the UK.

Since 2011 Epinion has been the trusted partner of VisitDenmark and because of this established working relationship Epinion can effectively benchmark and present annual insights outlining market trends.


The insights Epinion presents VisitDenmark with enables them to better target their marketing efforts by establishing:

  • Which markets have high potential.
  • How to optimise awareness of, and interest in, Denmark as a tourist destination within these markets.
  • The key drivers of tourism in Denmark.
  • How tourists in Denmark spend their time and the activities completed.

Our setup allows VisitDenmark to compare the results of five major markets and better differentiate offerings to different markets.


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