Helping the Danish Government increase tourism to its rural and coastal sites

Dansk Kyst- & Naturturisme (the Danish Rural Coast and Nature Trust) is a project run by the Danish Government to promote tourism to Denmark’s coastal and rural destinations.

These are situated all over Denmark and attract visitors from various demographics and a wide range of nationalities.

Addressing the issues

In order for Dansk Kyst- & Naturturisme to ensure their holiday destinations were satisfying current visitors and appealing to new ones, they needed to not just possess information on guest satisfaction, but to also understand whether those guests would visiting the destinations and why.

This information would allow the trust to retain current visitors and attract new ones. However, they lacked precise data on their guests and therefore launched a project to obtain yearly guest satisfaction measurements.

Epinion worked with Dansk Kyst & Naturturisme to provide further analysis. This included benchmarking their offerings against previous years’ performances and the offerings of other destinations.


The study was very complex as it required data collection from 43 sites. This information was gathered from a total of 10,224 face-to-face interviews in five languages over a two month period.

The sites varied in terms of attraction factors, visitors and activities available so the surveys had to represent this.

The data itself was collected by a partner (DST Survey) and Epinion was responsible for data collection monitoring, reporting and analysis.


The study provided Dansk Kyst- & Naturturisme with insights into the key parameters of guest satisfaction levels and drivers for recommendation relating to the individual destinations, as well as presenting a transverse image of how Danish coastal and rural destinations in general fare in the eyes of tourists.

The report also provided temporal benchmarks meaning Dansk Kyst- & Naturturism could see what aspect of their services had improved over time, and which areas needed greater focus.

This information helped enable Dansk Kyst- & Naturturism to better focus investment in the areas that drove the greatest levels of satisfaction and market those areas to increase visitors sustainably.


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