Helping Moesgaard Museum understand the effects of a new exhibition space

Moesgaard Museum brings Danish and world history back to life through its displays and exhibitions on archaeology and ethnography. 

Situated in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus the museum boasts an extensive collection of artifacts presented in an architecturally stunning building overlooking the Danish sea and countryside.

In 2014 it opened up a new building which offered impressive views over the Aarhus coast as well as a space where curators could combine technology with exhibits to create further appeal to visitors. 

Addressing the issues 

In order to gain a better understanding of the effect the new building had on Moesgaard Museum’s popularity and how to capitalise on this in the future, the directors needed greater insight into who had visited and why. 

The approach 

Epinion interviewed 500 guests, conducting personal interviews (CAPI) with each guest at the end of their visit to the museum. 

The aim of the study was to find out:

  • Who visits the museum
  • Why do people visit the museum
  • Where did visitors hear about the museum
  • How visitors arrive to the museum
  • Which elements and activities attract the most visitors 

To ensure a representative sample, the interviews were completed over different times of the day throughout the month including weekdays and weekends. 

An important part of this study was to establish the net promoter score (NPS) so we also asked guests how likely it was they would recommend Moesgaard Museum to friends or family. 

"Epinion has been a great help in developing a deeper understanding of our guests and their needs. We have had a remarkably good relationship with Epinion during the survey and the follow-up analysis." Says Henrik Hatt, Administrative Manager, Moesgaard Museum. 


Epinion’s report described the different visitor segments, analysed their perception of the visit and mapped out their behaviour during their visit to the museum. 

It also established Moesgaard Museum’s NPS allowing it to better focus their efforts. 

These findings enabled the museum to better communicate with their current and target audience as they had deep insight into who they were. 

It also allowed them to be aware of changes past visitors wanted (such as more seating) and action the ones which would provide an optimal outcome.

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