Helping ARoS Aarhus Art Museum attract and retain members by determining customer satisfaction levels

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum is one of Europe’s largest and most popular art museums situated in the heart of Denmark’s second largest city. ARoS welcomes more than half a million visitors every year and exhibits work from some of the world’s most renowned artists. The museum itself is an architectural monument, acknowledged not just in Aarhus but around the world.

Epinion and ARoS have a long-term partnership dating back to 2012 and we conduct numerous studies for the museum, including membership analyses, economic analyses (looking at how an increase in guest numbers affects local businesses) and focus group studies on the dissemination of its exhibits.

ARoS's Director, Erlend G. Høyersten said: "ARoS is very satisfied with the work we have done with Epinion. It gives us in-depth knowledge of both current and potential guests and identifies issues we would not have had knowledge of without Epinion’s reports. In particular, Epinion’s analysis of the economic impact ARoS has on Aarhus through the many guests the museum attracts to the city has been very useful for us. We use the reports from Epinion actively and share them with our partners.” 

Addressing the issues

As a mechanism to keep the museum functioning at an optimal level, ARoS employs a membership scheme in order to generate guaranteed revenue and ensure customer retention.

Because ARoS’ membership subscription also allows members to bring a guest to the museum for free, it also acts as a marketing tool through increasing the appeal of the museum to new consumers.

One audience segment ARoS is particularly keen on targeting is the youth market and it has a specific membership club called ARoS27.

In order to keep attracting and retaining members ARoS needed a deeper understanding of how satisfied its members were with the museum experience. They also needed to understand how visitors interacted with the museum, both as a single entity and in relation to the sector as a whole.

The approach

Epinion conducted a large scale study of individuals in the different membership clubs ARoS offers. The study was conducted as a quantitative websurvey and what drivers could make them renew their membership:

  • General satisfaction with the membership
  • Satisfaction with membership events and benefits regarding exhibitions
  • Study of membership behaviour when visiting ARoS
  • How members use newsletters, annual programmes and website to stay informed


As a result of the study ARoS gained valuable insights as to who their members are, how they behave and how satisfied they are with the museum and their membership and most important how ARoS could retain the high satisfaction level and increase renewal rate.

The report contains the results of the analysis and focuses on a variety of themes, including how members use the museum and its events and the strategies to be employed in order to increase membership retention.

The report also put a distinct focus on ARoS27 in order to compare with the members of all ARoS clubs.

The report showed a tremendous satisfaction with the museum (with 96% saying they were satisfied!) and gave ARoS valuable insight into how this was achieved in order for them to better focus on their time and budget.


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