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With more than 73 million passengers annually, Heathrow Airport is one of the largest and busiest in the world. On top of that it hosts one of the most discerning, affluent and influential audiences in the world making it very important that Heathrow understands what is important to their passengers through every step of their journey.

Heathrow caters to a vast number of passenger profiles. The diversity of people who travel through or visit Heathrow range from budget leisure travelers to VIP business travelers, from Americans to Zambians, from well-wishers to ‘meeters and greeters.’

"We are delighted with the highly professional and efficient way Epinion have transitioned our core surveys and introduced new and more efficient field management processes. We look forward to successful long term contractual relationship." David Ellis, Head of Research and Insight Commercial Passenger Services


In 2014 Heathrow Airport commissioned Epinion to manage and administer Heathrow’s market research field force operation. Heathrow’s field staff of six full time employees and the administration of more than sixty interviewers and observers were transferred to Epinion. Epinion’s main task is running the operation of Heathrow’s ten core survey programs to assist Heathrow Airport review services, processes, technology and terminals to ensure that Heathrow adapts as passengers’ needs evolve and that the airport understands what is important to the passengers at every stage of their journey through the airport.


Epinion conducts close to 200,000 interviews on the core survey programs per year. In addition, Epinion also manages and administers all other ad hoc market research in the airports five terminals on behalf of Heathrow Airport or third-party clients as airlines, retail brands or other world class consumer brands.

Epinion is able to do this because of our vast experience within market research field force operations in general and within aviation in particular.


The goal of the contract between Epinion and Heathrow Airport is to ensure continuous improvements in research quality to reduce costs by focusing on solutions that reflect the rapidly evolving best practice within the research industry and optimise the use of technology for both data-gathering and people management.

The results of survey programs are used for regulatory based documentation of the airports operations for the passengers as well as commercial development of all airport related services.

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