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Epinion is a leading research and insights management solutions company. The roots are Nordic, but during the last decade the company has expanded with Aviation clients across Europa and Asia including UK, Germany, Austria Belgium and Singapore.

Epinion continuously strives to be on top-of-class in terms of Quality, Performance and Engagement amongst one of our key employment groups; the interviewers. 

Our interviewers are meeting the passengers and our clients every day - they are therefore a critical touchpoint and must be at the top of their game at any time. For many interviewers this is, however, not a long-term career choice and there is a huge risk that varying engagement will negatively affect the business of our clients. The question is, how do we get to the top-of-class?

We firmly do believe that a motivated workforce will lead to improved performance; improved performance will lead to a high quality of data; and a higher quality of data, in all aspects, benefits our clients, the Airports.

Our valuable team

Our field force within Aviation & International consists of more than 300 hourly paid interviewers in several countries, varying in age from eighteen, to mid-seventies, with various family, cultural, religious, educational and carrier background. We have people working little more than a few hours to those working full-time. 


Field research taking place in the Airport

The variation and flexibility gives the local Field Manager and Supervisors a benefit as well as a challenge, well known to other line managers in similar companies, in terms of dealing with employees with different backgrounds and career goals.

Epinion focuses heavily on having Field Managers and Supervisors capable of managing these differences and keeping the team focused, and since seniority amongst interviewers is counted in years, we believe we are doing a good job, although we always can improve…

Epinion Airport Employee Program

In order to fully grasp the entire field force and back-up the Field Managers and Supervisors individual skills as line manager, we have created the Epinion Airport Employee Program with the sole purpose to strengthen Quality, Performance and Engagement.


Aiport employee program

All sub elements contain a standardized approach towards the quality of the work we do, with a systematized program, the way we perform as a team, and individually, how we onboard/deboard interviewers, how we meet and interact with respondents and how our employees always have a vehicle to voice their views and can give their line manager feedback which we actively encourage. Being on the ground, and having the day to day interaction with passengers they usually have all the good ideas, and know exactly what is hot or not in their airport.   

All areas are elaborated in Epinion’s Airport Employee Handbook, which combines the needed information to perform to the expected standards, as well as the rules and guidelines set out by the company.

 Are you interested in knowing more about Epinion’s interviewer team and how we ensure data quality in field work? Please stay tuned for our next aviation article about Epinion’s quality assurance system, EPI-Q.

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