The hospitality industry is faced by disruption from new possibilities with sharing economics for example AirBnB and from a change in distribution channels to online search machines such as Therefore, it is essential to know how to stay relevant and visible to current and potential customers.

insights are the key to success

At Epinion we are providing customer insights that enables the hospitality industry to act on these changes and stay relevant and strong in the market.

Our Hospitality research solutions are customised for each client to match their specific need. Our market research can e.g. be a one-off customer’s segmentation or a 360-degree research including competitor and potential analysis.

There are factors that the hospitality industry can focus their resources towards in order to keep pace and stay relevant to their audience.

Learn more about each factor by downloading Epinion's free paper on how to stay relevant in the hotel and accommodations industy.

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- By Jesper Wilhelmsen

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