For many years now, the Epinion market research team has helped airports around the world optimise their profitability and efficiency.

During this time we’ve seen huge amounts of change, both in the world of aviation and in the larger economic picture.


However, one thing that has remained a constant is the need for intelligent data for an airport to stay relevant and competitive.

At Epinion, we are huge believers in the importance of market intelligence and knowledge sharing, and wanted to compile and share our experience and insight in one place.

We're therefore really proud to present The New Action Standard for airport performance – available to download HERE ⇒

The New Action Standard highlights six key areas essential for airport profitability. We help you address:

  • Is your airport unaware of what makes your passengers truly happy?
  • Would you like to increase the quality and quantity of bids for your retail space?
  • Is your airport failing to communicate with most of its passengers?
  • Is your advertising space generating its optimal revenue?
  • Are airlines competing with each other to open a route at your airport?
  • Is your market research department over-stretched and under-resourced?

Intelligent airports compete better, don't get left behind.

- By Jesper Wilhelmsen

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