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Epinion Privacy Policy

Since analyzing data is our core business, we handle loads of data every day. These data take various forms: Market data, brand data, institutional data - and obviously also personal data such as e-mails, phone numbers, political beliefs, travel experiences and socio-demographics. Being one of the leading companies within market research and analysis - and being privileged with more than 10 years of experience with handling of personal data - we know the importance of privacy and trust – and not least we apply the highest market standards. When you trust us with your personal data, it is our responsibility and privilege to earn that trust and safeguard your data in all possible ways. This means that we:

  • Only use data for the specific purpose we obtain it for
  • Always ask up-front for your consent to use the relevant data
  • Never transfer data to 3rd parties without your explicit consent (or if we are legally bound to do so)
  • Make sure to restrict access to data within the data processing period
  • Anonymize data as soon as possible
  • Delete data when it is no longer needed
  • Have all necessary means of IT-security in place to protect our systems

In our information security policy and privacy policy you can read more on how we safeguard your data. Your participation in our surveys and analyses is in all cases voluntary, and you may at any given time contact us to get access to your data, e.g. in case you want it erased, modified, or moved. Please feel free to contact our data privacy officer, Birgitte Forum Christensen, on dpo@epinionglobal.com or by phone: +45 87 30 95 00 if you have any questions in relation to the above.