The Business insights revolution is here - are you ready? Across all sectors - both private and public - today's business issues demand improved strategic and tactical decision-making processes, automated data-driven business insights and reduced costs. All of which are examples of potential gains from working strategically with big data, business insights, predictive analytics and automated decision-making.


A global big data & business insights revolution

Organisations today have a huge amount of data available that contains valuable business insights that can be uncovered through different tools and methods. Business intelligence companies have specialized in crunching these huge datasets and transforming raw big data into meaningful business insights - and doing so with great success. 

But the true value lies in giving companies power over their own big data and allow businesses to have a better way of working with the business insights generated from big data without necessarily being an IT technician or a vast-experienced data scientist.

Introducing a brand new insights paradigm

92 % of companies in "The Data Quality Benchmark Report - 2015" by Experian, say managing their data is a challenge"

 control of your own business insights

No longer are business executives satisfied with the long waiting periods, high-cost and questionable data associated with data-driven decision support. They seek to take matters into their own hands and embrace a more distributed model, where end-users can take control of the company's own business insights.

The value of real-time business insights reporting and predictive analytics


Consider this example:

  • An accounting executive with no formal prior business intelligence training at a leading provider of services to the asset management and banking industry was able to develop an array of dashboards providing business insights so compelling that once shown to prospects, the firm almost immediately succeeded in signing up five new major clients.

A case like this is by no means exceptional. In fact, it is becoming the norm at companies who embraces the new business insights technology to give control over analyzed big data and empower the employees to translate business insights into value-adding actions.

- By Jesper Wilhelmsen

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