With London Heathrow Airport as the point of departure, Epinion now introduces Glocal Research – global research conducted locally. 

Market research at Heathrow Airport is much more than airport research. It's about having an international sample pool at your disposal and Epinion's experienced team to assist you.

Epinion is the sole market research agency with permission to access the millions of potential customers at Heathrow Airport and has already conducted more than 200.000 personal interviews at the premise. 

Get closer to millions of respondents - download Epinion's guide to market research at Heathrow Airport.

Instead of conducting face to face market research in public arenas, why not look to carrying out research in airports, where vast amounts of people are concentrated and looking to pass the time?

Not only is the sample size vast, it is also diverse with passengers from all over the world, from all walks of life, travelling for all sorts of purposes.

Airside interviews

Epinion’s researchers are all granted airside passes that facilitates access throughout Heathrow Airport. While other market research companies may lose their respondents after passport control, this is not an issue when conducting market research at Heathrow Airport.

Epinion can undertake interviews within the departures lounge and around the gates, the areas where respondents will be most likely to interact with market researchers.  What’s more, our consultants can even accompany your own researchers into these areas.

The benefits of conducting your market research at Heathrow Airport are many:

  • Access to thousands of people in one place - every day
  • An audience more open to being interviewed than normal as they look to pass time
  • An arena already setup for observing shopping behaviour.
  • Access to a multinational audience - allowing you to measure location dependent brand awareness
  • Access to hard to reach groups such as high income and business flyers

Informed decisions is the key to success

Making informed decisions is the key to success for any brand in today’s competitive market. To stay ahead today and tomorrow, brands must have a deep understanding of their current and potential customers’ thoughts and expectations surrounding their brand. Market research has always been a valuable tool in gathering this insight.

Epinion has extensive experience with interviews at airports and currently conducts acclaimed market research at 35 airports in Europe and Asia.

- By Jesper Wilhelmsen

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