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Most successful businesses have an intriguing origin story. Maybe they had a burning ambition to change the world. Maybe they set sails for a precious destination. Whatever the story, there is one thing, that is rarely mentioned. Almost all of these successes were the by-product of a completely unrelated strategy.

Epinion Aviation is no different. Back in 2009 it was just Epinion. Top tier market research with Nordic roots and burning ambition to be the voice of the customer. But no airports. End of 2009 Copenhagen Airport and Epinion enters a long-term contract on extensive passenger satisfaction tracking studies in pursuit of route development – that is attract new airline routes to grow the airport passengers. “Boy did that work!” Copenhagen Airport has grown 50% since then.



It is always fun to be part of a success. But it can also become a success to be part of something fun. Because conducting studies with such as a complex environment and demanding a customer as an airport, is the kind of challenge that market research professionals live for. So, we quickly started looking for other long-term collaboration partners in this field. By winning public tenders in Norway (Avinor), Sweden (Swedavia), Vienna and Hamburg, we were suddenly a serious player. The positive spiral was unstoppable, and we won our still largest contract with the founder of aviation research, Heathrow, in 2014 – soon followed by another world class airport Singapore Changi in 2015. And the story just continues from there until becoming the largest aviation market research company in the world with selected clients shown below. But what is the trick – the secret sauce?

Aviation Story 3

Well, with an ambition to be the voice of the customer, we obviously asked our customers what we do differently. And the answer does make us a bit proud:

  • Global aviation expertise from daily working in +40 airports and advising many others on an ad hoc basis simply give us an edge. The great thing about this is that it cumulates over time automatically – who knows maybe the illusive competitive edge?
  • Precise execution of +1,000,000 interviews every year in airports just means that we know how to deliver ultra-high quality every time. In a world where most agencies outsource data collection, we proudly keep it inhouse, because we know the quality risk.
  • An array of big & thick data methodologies allows us to help with almost any business challenge, where data needs to be collected, prepared and transformed to insight. Individually that is great – but across projects and data sources that is truly powerful.
  • Highly specialized analysts within aviation, retail, advanced analytics and qualitative research can be combined into unbeatable teams to tease out that one killer insight, that clarifies the decision. Not to mention we are just really nice people to work with!
  • Cutting edge technology driven research. OK, ok we put that on ourselves. But that is because our customers are not supposed to feel the technology but just get great solutions. But we need strong data collection tools to hire, train, plan and quality test all our field workers. And we need the best analytic and reporting tools for our consulting team. Like our EPI-Q – inhouse machine learning quality management system as shown below:
Aviation Story 4By now you may have noticed that we have subtly applied Simon Sineks golden circle – starting with why (spoiler alert: it is just a circle – but it has become one of the best-known circles in the world in the past few years after his TED Talk). After why came how and now finally what. So, what do we actually do?

Well through a vast array of tailormade aviation market research, we help our clients identify and target powerful segments, understand market potential and trends both as a passenger and retail platform, measure and improve service and quality levels throughout the entire customer journey, and optimize their marketing sales (yes airports are huge shopping centres and media sales platforms with a wonderfully captive audience). Some of the products are shown below:

Aviation story

So, what’s next you ask? Well, the world of course. But one client at a time. We can only take on a couple of new airport clients every year and provide the service that we believe they deserve. So, we look for the next lighthouse to illuminate. Looking the airports – big or small – that has the ambitions and perseverance to be an enlightenment in the Airport industry.


Contact Epinion’s aviation experts today (BRKR@epinionglobal.com) to discuss your needs further and learn more about our service portfolio or read more about our aviation solutions at www.epinionglobal.com

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