Epinion has won four awards at this year´s ASQ Awards. The awards were won in competition with different companies from around the world at the big award ceremony held in Geneva.

Epinion won three Fieldwork Awards for our high quality and reliable work with data collection at Vienna, Oslo, Copenhagen and Gothenburg. The prizes were won in fierce competition with over 200 other market research providers from around the world and emphasize Epinion´s strength andexperience in dealing with large and complex data collections at airports. Epinion currently has contracts with more than 30 airports, resulting in approximately 750,000 annual interviews with passengers and customers at airports around the world.

“In Epinion we know that it is important to always have the latest knowledge and seek out best practice in all industries. We can, through our involvement in more than 30 airports, both contribute with knowledge and gain new insights we can use in our further involvement in the airport industry” – Says Terje Vammen, Former CCO & Partner at Epinion.

Over 200 airports participate in ASQ's (Airport Service Quality) studies. ASQ is a major initiative from the industry organization ACI to help airports worldwide in their efforts to improve the quality of services passengers experience in the airports. ASQ is the world's leading benchmarking program for measurement of passenger satisfaction at airports and their strict focus on methodology, quality and impartiality has established ASQ as the global standard for measuring passenger satisfaction.


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