We are delighted to announce that Epinion Research in partnership with Heathrow Airport, have won the 2018 Market Research Society Operations Award for Best Training and Development. Data quality is at the heart of what Epinion do. Ensuring that our 100 strong team of interviews at Heathrow work consistently, uniformly, and efficiently, we have transformed the training process of new and existing interviewers resulting in our UK MRS based training course becoming our global benchmark for quality and development for our international aviation field teams.

All our programmes are focused on improving morale, knowledge and the engagement of the interviewers. Creating new job roles and promoting staff has shown we care, and that we invest in the team. In turn, we expect the interviewers to be as passionate about quality as we are and having the MRS code of conduct as a central tool in shaping our training shows how seriously we take quality standards.

“Over the last 12 months, our partners Epinion have introduced a step change in the level of training and career development that they provide to their team of 100 interviewers. We have noticed that this has resulted in an improvement in both the engagement level of staff as well as the accuracy of the data which is being captured. Providing Heathrow with even greater confidence when taking strategic decisions based on the information that Epinion is capturing.“

Tim Wheen Head of Research and Commercial Insights at Heathrow Airport.

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