The Integrated Insights Platform is a customised software-driven insights installation that deconstructs and integrates data silos, while transforming data complexity into critical and timely business insights.

The integrated insights platform pulls data from a multitude of data sources both within and without the organization and spans transactional data, observational data, behavioural data and survey data, be it in structured or unstructured formats. 

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The Integrated Insights platform can also service any other critical functions within the organization. The installation is designed and equipped to report on numerous if not all of the organization’s business issues in terms of customised 24/7 accessible and browser-driven best-of-breed dashboards. Through the use of infographics and state-of-the-art storytelling, these dashboards empower the organization to quickly and intuitively comprehend and respond to deviations.

The value of real-time business insights reporting and predictive analytics

A platform designed to enable and empower

The platform supports real-time reporting and intuitive oral-language queries to enable non-data scientists on the business side to orchestrate advanced and predictive analytics models. In addition to supporting precise manual decision-making across the management layers of the organization, the Integrated Insights Platform also supports algo-driven automated decision-making to master systems and devices (IoT).

Gain control of your own business insights


The integrated insights platform is capable of being configured to support any business issue that can be reduced and resolved by means of data, information and insights.

The integrated insights platform in action


- By Jesper Wilhelmsen

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