Why - Data is abundant but insights are not

As airports have access to more and more data, there is a huge opportunity in combining these data sources for richer analysis. Alongside there is an increasing need for data across the airport to enable end-users to gain business insights for action.


What - Build an integrated platform for analytics and insights

Typically, airports will have an abundance of data, but it is often not gathered in one system, it is rarely fitted for the analysis purposes of today and critical components may be missing. There is therefore a need to build an integrated platform for analytics and insights starting with one data source at a time to minimize risk and maximise the value of the new database. Below is an example for potential data sources needed in one platform for parking analysis and business decisions.


How - Identify and map the different relevant sources of data

The process always starts with the key business decisions that needs to be made and then move to the data required to support the decision before identifying relevant sources, data gaps and implementation plan. The reason is that most data collection and analysis starts with what is already available, what sounds interesting or what others have done – but the only relevant is data which supports specific business decisions. This process can then be run in a larger top management team workshop setup, a smaller analytics team session focusing on the most pressing challenges or anything in between.



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