Helping Vienna airport identify new service opportunities by establishing passenger expectations

Vienna Airport welcomes more than 20million passengers each year whose high expectations must be met.

Epinion has extensive experience within the aviation sector and is a world leader in aviation market research with more than 35 airport clients. 


In order for Vienna Airport to meet its passengers´ expectations it must understand the issues that impact on service quality, both positively and negatively. Epinion identifies these triggers and barriers.

"Epinion has an excellent knowledge about continuous, quantitative marketing research projects within the aviation sector. With the objective to offer our more than 22.2 million passengers a modern airport with up-to-date comfort, service and safety, it is essential to monitor and evaluate the quality of our services. Most important is to stay in touch with our passengers. Only high quality marketing research provides good customer insights." Says Belina Neurmann, Head of Aviation Marketing and Business Development, Vienna Airport.


In order for Epinion to provide Vienna Airport with actionable insight, we conduct daily face-to-face-interviews with departing and arriving passengers that focus on all major touch points throughout the travel value chain. Project meetings are held on a regular basis to identify key strengths and weaknesses.


Epinion provides segmentation analyses of various projects and different business units.

"It is necessary for stakeholders to understand what passengers expect from your airport and how well you are delivering. A deep understanding of this helps you to identify new service opportunities." Says Rebecca Wurian, Marketing Research Analyst, Vienna Airport

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