Helping Arla Foods improve product design for successful repositioning

Arla Foods is one of the leading dairy companies in Europe, the largest in Scandinavia and a major player on the global market. 


In order to give its individual drinking-milk products more distinct identities, Arla repositioned them. However, for one of the products there were doubts as to whether the design was consistent with the brand identity Arla wanted to create.

Arla worked with Epinion who designed and executed a survey of the product´s primary target groups in order to uncover consumer perception and experience of product design. Arla also wanted to identify the extent to which the design affects the product´s position in the market.


The survey was carried out using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

The qualitative aspect of the study focused on:

  • What does the packaging signal (values, messages and feelings)?
  • Which elements help communicate the desired values, messages and feelings?
  • How can the packaging be changed / adjusted in order to communicate the desired values, messages and feelings?
  • How do packaging and messages affect the perception of Arla?

The quantitative aspect focused on:

  • Which statements are associated with the design?
  • How does the new packaging design differ from an earlier version of the design and the competing products?
  • In which segments is the design strongest?
  • Which specific parts of the design prevent consumers from buying the product?


The survey resulted in clear recommendations on how to improve the design in relation to the desired positioning.

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