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Student Assistant Aarhus

January 09, 2017

Epinion is seeking a skilled student for our Aarhus office

Epinion is seeking a student to assist with quality assurance and predictive analytics.
As a student assistant in Epinion you will process and quality assure complex, quantitative data sets for some of our biggest clients within the aviation and transportation sector. Furthermore, you will assist on some of our projects that use predictive analytics. 

In Epinion you will get experience from a consultancy company with focus on high quality, working in an informal social environment.


Epinion’s projects ranges from evaluations over market research to polls for companies, interest groups, public authorities and researchers. Epinion has experienced significant growth in projects that involve repetitive data collection and data delivery (tracking studies) for aviation and transportation clients, using data captured via personal interviews. In order to further strengthen the quality and consistency of the products we provide to our customers, we need a student assistant, who can:

  • Develop, and use, systems and tools for quality assurance of data sets and other deliverables that can be used on different projects
  • Analyze inconsistencies and discrepancies in the data captured, thus helping to identify potential issues and develop solutions to deal with the issues identified
  • Develop and use predictive analytics solutions, business intelligence tools, and/or dashboard reporting solutions


We expect that you are on the last semesters of your bachelor program or on the first semesters of your master’s degree, on a relevant education.


  • are systematic and conscientious and want to provide high quality
  • are able to handle large data sets
  • have extensive experience with Excel
  • preferably you have experience with statistical analytics software (e.g. SPSS, Stata, R or SAS) and/or programming (e.g. Python)
  • know normal methods for statistical analysis (frequencies, mean, cross-tabs, significance) and data processing (recodings, enriching with external data, weighting)
  • can meet deadlines
  • are able to work 10-15 hours per week, with flexible working hours

What do we offer?

You will be a part of one of the fastest growing Research & Insights companies in Scandinavia.

You will:

  • Get the possibility to brainstorm and develop your own ideas in collaboration with a skilled team of consultants and market experts in many different countries and with different professional backgrounds.
  • Become an influential part of the internal development of solutions and tools, as well as work on concrete projects for our clients.
  • Work in an open, young and informal working environment where you can make a difference.

You will be positioned at our Aarhus office, located on the harbor front close to the city center.


Epinion is an international company with excellent operations and major growth plans. We are a dynamic and ambitious company creating results and developing our employees.

The people working for Epinion are skilled and dedicated to their missions.

As a person, you are quality-minded, curious and socially gifted. You are prepared to work as part of a team and take great responsibility for your independent tasks. Through this, you will help ensure that Epinion continues its growth alongside with satisfied and content clients.

Send your application including resume and transcripts to Senior Consultant, Bjarke Bøgeskov Jespersen, at bbj@epinionglobal.com no later than January 15th.

If you have questions regarding the position or about Epinion, please feel free to send an e-mail to Bjarke or give him a call on: +45 20 21 02 92.



Aarhus - Denmark






Student Assitant Aarhus


Aviation & Transportation


15th of January

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