The Four Cs of Mobile Advertising in Southeast Asia Report

We all know that our mobile devices are that the centre of our connected life, and with saturated mobile penetration and mobile internet usage growing at an exponential rate, there can be few brands not interested in finding out more about mobile advertising.

However, the reality is while we might know a lot about consumers' mobile usage, we know far less about how individual segments respond to different formats and content types on their mobile devices.

Until now…

Following on the success of studies on Generation Z in Malaysia and Vietnam, market research agency Epinion and Omnicom Media Group have partnered up again to look at mobile advertising across South East Asia.

And now we want to share what we know with you.

We’ll tell you:

  •    which channel to find your target audiences
  •    which apps they cannot live without
  •    the mobile ads they click on and why
  •    the mobile ads they share and much, much more.

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